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Access level and sharing, how they work together

Why does sharing get grayed out on content when I set an access level?

Content is only shared when the access level is set to anyone. The reason, if you have content set at a access level higher than anyone and that content gets shared, it's really available to another webmaster to subscribe to and set access level anyone on their site. When another site subscribes to your shared content they can set it to anyone on their site so that content will be shared with anyone anyway. Notice when you set an access level above anyone the shared or no sharing choices are grayed out they are not applicable any longer. The access level overrides the sharing so regardless the sharing is to share or don't share it is no longer applicable.

Try this.

  • Go to a content page in the dashboard and select Content pages from the left navigation bar.
  • Select a content page then go to the page properties and select the access level everyone, the sharing is not grayed out.
  • Now change to a higher level access. You get a message with cancel and ok choice stating: "Restricting access to this content will prevent you from sharing it with other websites. Are you sure you want to continue?"
  • Select ok and the sharing is grayed out again.