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Adding an entry point to a content page or extension

Adding an entry point to a content page or extension (How do I make my new content pages accessible to the Public?)

The whole netAdventist 3.0 software is built around content pages or webpages within your site. So as an example you have a page in dashboard where a site administrator or publisher would add and create News. However this is not the entry point to the News page that customers would see or use. This is the back end. The front end or homepage is where customers will access the News to see it and use it. You will need to create that entry point either as a menu item or a link on a content page using the link chooser. Both will take your customers to your News page. The same goes for extensions, for example, Prayer requests have a default page that is turned on when the extension is turned on and you will have to create a entry point to get to the Prayer Request page. This holds true for all content types: announcements, news, forms and podcasts. The will all have there own content page by default with the exception of content pages. Content pages must be built by a webmaster. The homepage is the exception to the rule. The homepage is built when your site is created. However it is blank and must have content added to it.

Here's an example you can try. This can be done with any extension or new content page.

  • Turn on the prayer request extension by going to the dashboard then settings, the Extensions. Find the extension called Prayer requests. Activate it. 
  • While still in the dashboard go back to the Website pages tab and add a main menu or in content pages use the link chooser to add a link through the editor. 
  • Then go to the frontend of your website and select that menu option for prayer request or go to the content page and select the link.