Alternate Link Chooser Link Creation

If you would like to create a link and cannot add one using the Link Chooser you can do so using the standard chain link tool found in the second row of the editor.

You will need to get the correct URL to add to the link first. The best way to do this is to create a main menu and copy the link address from the Use Custom URL field.

  • Login to your netAdventist Website and select the Dashboard then select the Site Content tab.
  • Select Main Menu from the left navigation bar.
  • Select Add Menu Item. Select your page type and page link, either to one content item or an index page. Save it.
  • Edit the menu item you just created by selecting the Edit link on the menu.
  • Select the Use Custom URL check box so that the field becomes selectable.
  • Highlight the URL displayed in the field and copy it or you can go to your homepage and select the menu you just created and then copy the URL from the Web address field of your browser.
  • Delete this menu item unless you wish to keep it. You may wish to delete it later after the link is created.

Now we need to create the link on a content page where can insert the link you copied from the menu item you created.

  • From the Site Content tab select Content Pages.
  • Select the content page you wish to use from the index list. This will open the editor for this content page.
  • Place your cursor where you want your link and type in the name of your link.
  • Highlight the text and go to the second row of tools and select the chain link tool called Insert/Edit Link. A dialog box will open.
  • Paste the copied URL  in the URL field provided. You can enter other properties to the dialog box but they are not needed. When done select Insert.

This method also works to obtain the custom URL of any content you have created when needed.