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netAdventist web site management software


Deleting a website URL in Setup Details.

Deleting a website URL in Setup Details

  • Website URL's that are selected with the Green check mark cannot be deleted.
  • If you only have one URL in the list you will need to add one to the field provided and save it by select the Save button.
  • Once saved it will show in the list with a Gray check.
  • Select the new URL to make it primary by checking the Gray check mark.
  • The check mark will turn to green and the check box for the one you wish to delete will now change to Gray.
  • Select the Gray "X" on the same line as the URL you wish to deleted. The URL is lined out.
  • Select Save to remove the URL from the list.

Note retail the original netAdventist 3.0 address you where given initially. It will resemble something looking like this