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Document Groups

Document Groups

Document Groups are a place to store documents and files you want to make available for download, such as an archive of newsletters in PDF or Word format. 

NOTE: The training videos haven’t been created yet for the new Version 4. The main difference is that Website Pages is now called Site Content.

Creating a Document Group

  • Sign in to your netAdventist site.
  • Select the Dashboard link at the bottom of the home page.
  • Click on the Website Pages tab at the top of the page.
  • Select Document Groups from the menu on the left side of the page.
  • Choose the Add Document Group button on the top right.
  • Enter a title for your document group. Think of it as the title of the folder where you add your associated document files. Select Next.
  • Select Add a Document to add items to your document group.
  • The screen expands to reveal fields for giving the document a name and link to upload a document.
  • After giving the entry a name select the choose a document to add link. A new box opens giving you the choice to insert an existing file in the document group from the library or a tab for uploading. Select the upload tab.
  • Select the Choose files for upload button. A chooser will open allowing you to browse your PC for the file you wish to upload. Select a file and press the Select button.
  • The file you selected displays in the field below the start upload button. Select the Start Upload button. The file will start to upload.
  • Once the upload is finished the progress bar will show 100% then Completed Successfully. The display will change to a blank screen with a link called Insert document. Select it.
  • The file is now added to the list of documents. Check the file you wish to add and then select Insert. The insert box closes and file shows in the main document contents.
  • Select Save then Done.
  • You are returned to the document group index view. Select a document group with the Edit link to modify it or add more documents to a group. You will automatically be taken to step 2 . Select the Step 1 tab to set privileges. Each document in a document group can be edited individually.
  • Select the Edit on the document you wish to change. The document will expand to allow you to make changes to that documents name, title, and description. You can also drag and drop your documents into any order by select a file and dragging it into any place in the order. Note: Documents added are sorted by most recently added by default. If you manual change the order of your documents within a document group your manual sort will override the default sort. To return the default sort select the reset sort button (To be added in the future).
  • To display a document on a page you can create a main menu, insert a link with the Links Chooser in the Editor or a documents widget.