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Google Analytics

NOTE: The training videos haven’t been created yet for the new Version 4. The main difference is that Website Pages is now called Site Content.

Setting Up and Using Google Analytics

  1. Sign in to your netAdventist website.
  2. Select the Dashboard link at the bottom of the homepage.
  3. Select the Setting tab at the top of the page.
  4. Choose the Google Features from the Left Navigation bar.
  5. Select the link Go to the Google Analytics website. You will be taken to the Google Analysics page out side of netAdventist website, Step 1.
  6. Use your Google email account if you already have one and sign in. If you don't have a google account please follow the instructions to create one. You are taken to your analytics page where you can add the web address for tracking the analytics of your site.
  7. Select the add a website profile link.
  8. Add your site's URL (Web Address) to the field provided and select Finish.
  9. You will return to your Analytics home page and you will have  some script in a field starting with - <script type="text/javascript">.
  10. Highlight all the text in this field and Copy this code, Step 2. with Ctrl "C" or by right clicking with your mouse and then selecting Copy.
  11. Once copied return to your settings/Google Features page in your netAdventist 3.0 website. 
  12. Place your curser in the provided field and paste the copied code with Ctrl "V" or by right clicking on your mouse and pasting the code into the field provided, Step 3. Select Save. By adding the script to this field you will be tracking all visits to your site.
  13. You can also add the Google analytics script to a web page on your site to collect data for that page.
  14. To do this go to your Content Pages under the Website pages tab and select a page you would like to get analyical data for.
  15. Select Edit to edit your page content.
  16. In the Editor select the tool that has the letters html on it.
  17. The content page editor will switch to showing the html script for your webpage.
  18. Put your curser on the very top line and press enter. In the space you provided at the top of the script paste with ctrl "V" your Google html script into the field. Then press Save.
  19. To view your analytical data return to your Google analytics page and view the data there. This can easily be done by returning to your setting page on the dashboard, selecting Google Features then selecting the link View website traffic on Google Analytics link. Note: Google states that it will take up to 24 hours for your data to start showing.
  20. To track data on a single netAdventist page or subdirectory, you will need to setup a filter for the specific page. To do this go to your Google Analytics dashboard, create a new website profile with a new name and select your primary URL. Once the new profile is created, select add a filter and follow the instructions for setting up the filter to Include data from a subdirectory then select the new website profile you created. Filters will only show data for hits to the subdirectory chosen so you will need to create new Google Analytics profiles for each netAdventist page you would like to gather data from.

For advanced tracking, here are some helpful links for creating more specific Google Analytics Tracking.

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