Q: How do I set-up redirected URLs as a site administrator?

A: Anyone with a question about redirecting a URL should contact netAserve at (301) 584-3100. netAserve manages many netAdventist servers and performs URL redirects on those servers. Contact then to see if your site is on a server that they support.

You can have a custom domain name point to your netAdventist site. There are two ways of doing this.

1) Managed by netAserve

  • This service is for paying netAserve support customers that wish to have netAserve manage their DNS 
  • You will need to log into your domain's registrar account (the company you bought the domain from) and navigate to the nameserver section for that domain.  Remove all existing entries and enter the following two: 'NS1.NETASERVE.COM' and 'NS2.NETASERVE.COM'.
  • Call netAserve at (301) 584-3100, or write them at support@netaserve.com.  Tell them you are a support customer and provide the domain name and the current url for you site.
  • You may need other DNS records if, for example, you have email associated with the domain.  Write or call netAserve with information or questions

2) Self Managed

  • Add an A record pointing to one of the following netAdventist server IP addresses (format is church entity name followed by their netAdventist's server default domain and IP address): 
      European Union  - adventist.eu  -
      Interamerican Division - interamerica.org -
      Lake Union - lakeunion.org  -
      netAserve's server - netadvent.org -
      North Pacific Union - adventistnw.org  - 
      Pacific Union - adventistfaith.org -
      South Pacific Division - adventistconnect.org -
      Southwestern Union/s - adventist.net -
  • Consult your domain name registrar or DNS provider for their specific instructions