Adding iFraming

  • Sign in to your netAdventist website.
  • Select the Dashboard link at the bottom of the homepage.
  • Select the Website Pages tab at the top of the page.
  • Select Content Pages in the left navigation bar.
  • Choose a content page from the index to Edit. Select Edit on the right for the content page index.
  • Place your cursor where you would like the iFraming to go.
  • Select the html tool, a dialog box opens revealing your html script for your page.
  • Type or paste your iFrame script into the location you what it to go with a "<" before it and a ">" after it. iFrame width="100%" height="650" src ="http://yourwebaddress.com"></iframe I would add the "<" and the ">" before and after in this tutorial but it cause the sample iframe to be inserted
  • Then replace the http://yourwebaddress.com with the site you want to iframe.
  • Select the Insert button in the dialog box. The window will close and your iframe will be added to your content page.
  • Select Save.
  • To see what your iFrame looks like select the Preview to view it. A new tab or window will open showing the changes made in a preview screen before it is actually published. There will be a bracketed Exit Preview link on the preview page. Select the Exit Preview link to revert the new window or tab back to your content page. If the tab or window doesn't close, to continue editing your content in the dashboard, close the new tab or window and return the original tab or window.