Link Chooser

Inserting pictures into content pages (what size are they?)

When inserting media into content pages in version v3 you can use the Link chooser. The link chooser allows you to insert any media that you have uploaded to your site.

  • Sign in to your netAdventist website. Select the Dashboard link at the bottom of the homepage. Select the Website Pages tab at the top of the page. The homepage preview is displayed by default. Select the Edit link at the top of the page in the preview. Or you can select Content Pages and choose one of those to edit by selecting one. Place your cursor where you what to place your Link. If you fail to place your cursor the Link chooser dialog box will not open.
  • Select the Link Chooser tool in the top line of tools 2nd from the end. A Dialog box opens. Choose a category by selecting the drop down arrow and choosing one from the list.
  • Next choose content to link to by select category from the second drop down arrow. The content you see in the second drop down box reflexes the content from the category you select first drop down box you selected.
  • Once finished making your selections, select Insert to create the link.

Note: keep in mind that you have the ability to enlarge or reduce a pic once it is inserted. You will lose resolution if you enlarge a small pic so insert a larger pic and reduce it to size by selecting the image and use the board marks to reduce the image to size. This will avoid pixelization. Also once a pic is inserted you can select it and use the insert/edit image tool from the second row of the editing tools.