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netAdventist 3.0 software update through SSH console

Script - Running a netAdventist 3.0 software update through SSH console

These instructions are for server administrators only.

If you are a server administrator and you ran the update for your server from the console and the update failed, but you feel running the update again will correct any issues that you are having. Then, you can run the update from a SSH console.

  • Open up a new session of a SSH console.
  • Log into your server by typing ssh Ex. if your server is adventistfaith you would type
  • You will be asked for a password. Enter the root password of your server. Press enter.
  • At the prompt type su rails, press enter.
  • At the prompt type export RAILS_ENV=production
  • Next type cd/u/apps/netadventist3/current, press enter. Or, cd down to the folder current.
  • Next type rake install:latest at the prompt and press enter. This will run the current software update over your server. This should run the update completely and correct any errors that occurred in the first attempt at the update run through the netAdventist 3.0 console GUI interface.