Why do I get a message when I register for a second site membership on another site?

When you register for a second membership on a second site, you will get a message stating: "Already a member of another site? Request membership to this site. 1 errors prhibited this user from being saved. There were problems with the following fields: Email has already been taken." What this message is stating is that you are already a member to a site on this server. Your account is already there. You don't need to set it up again. Here's what you do to get access to the new site:

For Members
  • Select the link Request membership to this site.
  • Enter your exising email account from your other site and enter your password. Select the Request Membership link.
  • Your account is created. The account is not active on this site yet. It must be approved by the site administrator for that new site.
  • Once the site is approved you will receive an email stating your account has been approved with a link in it.
  • Select the link, you will be taken to a page to set a password for this site. Choose a password for this site, you may choose the same one. Note: Remember to change all your password regularly to protect your user identity. Select Submit.
  • You are taken to the sites home page. Sign in using your user account, the same now for this site as the other sites you have access to, and enter your new password you just created.
  • Select the Login button.

For Site Administrators

The site administrators will also see a message when adding user accounts on the user admin screen when that user account is already on the server. The difference is version 3.0 assumes that since a site administrator is entering the account the account has already been approved. The message you will see when entering a user account when you try to save on the user admin screen in the dashboard is: "There were problems with the following fields. Email has already been taken." and a message under the email field stating: "This email address already exists in the system. Click Here To give this user a membership to the site, pending their approval" with a link. Here's what you do to grant access to the account you are trying to create:

  • Select the link in the message below the email field Click Here. The Add User screen closes returning you to the index page.
  • Click on the Invitations folder in the left navigation bar. You will see the new account in the list of invitations.
  • At this point an email has been sent to the email for the new user account. Now the recipient must answer the message by selecting the link in the message.
  • When the email link is select customers will be taken to the login screen where they can use there existing password and the user account will move from the invitations folder to the active folder. If they don't remember it you can send then a set password email by editing their account in the active folder and select the Reset Password link.
  • If you didn't set their access level when creating the account you will need to do that now.