Calendar Events 2 

Others can contribute to your netAdventist Calendar for site visitors to see, once approved.

The new training video hasn’t been created yet for this feature.

  • If you want to add Commenting to a local calendar event, If you haven't already activated the Events in Extensions go to Settings and activate it. See the Extensions training video for further instructions if needed. Once it is turned on, return to the Site Content tab, then Calendar, which opens the Published folder.
  • Select Local Events and select a date for an event. In the window that pops up select Edit to go to the Adding Local Events page. Fill in the fields to create an event including a description and scroll to the bottom of the page and select the checkbox to Allow commenting on this event. Commenting is not possible on repeating events. Select Save
  • To see the commenting option on an event, go to your website Calendar page and select an event. Select the Details button. Enter a comment. When finished select the Add Comments button.
  • To limit commenting to members only, go to the Dashboard, then Site Content and select the Comments extension in the left navigation bar. In the drop down select the Settings. Set your preferences to only allow site members to add comments by selecting Users will be required to login before commenting. Select Save. See the Comments training video for further instructions on commenting if needed.
  • A calendar event can be submitted by a site member to the Local Events calendar only. To allow a site member to add events to the Local Events calendar, go to Site Content, Calendar which opens the Published folder. Select the Edit link on the local events calendar and under Event Submissions select the checkbox Allow logged in website users to submit events for approval. The Submit Event option will only show on the Local Events calendar not All Calendars. A site member will sign in, select the Calendar of Local Events from the Main Menu on the home page. Then select Submit Event at the top. A box will open with a simple editor so that calendar event can be entered. When finished they will select Submit.
  • Return to the Site Content, then Calendar. The calendar event entered from your site will be posted under Calendar in the Pending folder in the left navigation bar. A site administrator can select the event and approve it by selecting the Publish button in the gold bar.
  • You can change the color that the events for a particular calendar appear by going to the Published folder. Then select the Edit button. Select Save.
  • You can display your Calendar using your Main Menu or the Events Widget. For further instructions, refer to the Main Menu or Widgets training videos. Both allow you to choose between a calendar view and a list view (Event title) with the button on the upper right.
  • Select View Site on the upper right, then the location where you placed the calendar to view the calendar you created.
See the iCal/ICS Calendar training video for further instructions on that feature if needed.