Streaming Media File Formatting

When creating MP4 files it is important to enable streaming optimization so the file begins playing before the entire file has been downloaded. 

If playback doesn't begin until after the file has completely downloaded, you most likely have not encoded it in a way that has prepared it for streaming. You can prepare the file with a free program such as QWinFF.

Here are some instructions for preparing your video for streaming with QWinFF:

  • QWinFF is free software which you can download here:
  • Once you do the Setup and Install, Open QWinFF, select File, then Add files, choose your video file and select the Open button.
  • Select the Next button.
  • Select the Edit button next to Preset.
  • Select the Advanced tab.
  • Type in ‘-movflags faststart’ in the Additional FFmpeg Options window and select the OK button.
  • Make sure the settings for Convert to and Preset match the third image or use the dropdown to set them to match. If you want to change the Output Path, select the Browse button and Select folder. Select the Finish button. Select the Start button.
  • The Destination video with the new name will be streamable and is ready to upload to your netAdventist site. 

If you have any problems with this and need assistance you can use the Help tab of your website dashboard on the horizontal menú, the last tab on the right side. Scroll down, fill out the Support Request form, and select the Submit button.