netAdventist Templates allow you to create unique page layouts for each of your site pages.

Learn more about Theme & Template terminology by clicking here.

  • If you haven't already done so, Log in and go to the Dashboard. You are taken to the Site Content tab.
  • Select the Settings tab at the top of the page.
  • Click on the Theme and templates folder. Theme and templates is where you will modify your theme from the standard themes list, add a custom theme and build custom templates. Note: Theme and Templates can also be selected from the Site Content tab then selecting Theme and templates.
  • Scroll down to Page Templates for This Theme and choose the type of page you want the custom template for using the dropdown options. Fill in the Name for your new template if requested and select the Add a template button.
  • An editing page is displayed showing the current layout which is highlighted with blue. The layouts available are based on the theme and may change for a different theme. The gold containers represent areas where you can place widgets associated with your custom layout. Select a different layout if you want and click Save and Return. Note: If you create a template for All Calendar/Events pages with no Containers, it will make your calendar the full width of your website unless you have a Main Menu on a Sidebar Container. Multiple custom templates can be created with different names using the Home,Default, or other layouts with different widgets and attached to different pages.
  • You are now taken back to the Themes and Templates page. If you want to add or edit an existing widget, scroll down the page and find the custom template you created and click Edit Template on the right side. Select the Widgets tab at the top of the page. The widget edit page is displayed.
  • Select the Click Here to Add Widgets link in one of the gold containers. See the Widgets training video for more info if needed.
  • To edit any other existing templates, on the Themes and Templates page select the Edit Template link for the template you wish to modify. Select Save and Return when finished.