E-commerce through Forms

netAdventist provides a way to sell products or pay to attend an event on your website using PayPal. To do so, you may create an E-commerce Form.

  • You will need to have Forms activated in Extensions and have a form created. See the Forms training video for further instructions if needed. We will begin in the Site Content tab, Forms in the left navigation bar. Select Edit next to an existing form and go to Step 2 Form Fields. 
  • Select the Add link next to the e-commerce field. The field is added to the Forms Fields Preview area.
  • Move your cursor onto the gray E-commerce field you just created, in the top right corner you will see an X and an Edit link. Select Edit.
  • Scroll down to ‘Customize e-commerce field’ Step 1, What label should appear with this field on the form? You can edit the name for your e-commerce form. 
  • Step 2, Payment Details. Choose from the dropdown options. netAdventist uses PayPal Express (Standard PayPal) or PayPal Pro for payments. If you need to create a PayPal Express or PayPal Pro account, visit PayPal.com and create an account. The email used in the PayPal account email field should be the same as the one for your PayPal account. Select the Payment Options, Account type created by selecting it from the dropdown list. The next option is the checkbox Force payment via credit card? If you leave that blank you must fill in Additional payment option information and an empty radio button will appear at the bottom of the form. Then choose your Currency
  • Step 3, Products. Add your product information such as Description, Price, Quantity, etc. To do this use the key in the entry field. The numbers in the key correspond to the descriptions below. Use the concatenation marks to separate each category. By default the Products field has, "No description provided|0.0|0.0|on|0|off|off". Using the key, change fields between the concatenation marks. Ex. Test Product No.1|12.00|8.25|on|1|off|off so Test Product No.1 represents the name, 12.00 represents the price, 8.25 is the tax rate, the text field where you would enter quantity is on so you can enter a quantity, the default quantity is 1, the quantity field Locked is off so a customer can enter a larger amount than one, and the quantity field required is off so a customer doesn't have to enter anything to submit the request.
  • Step 4, Field Name. Enter a name you would like to use to access the data once the form has been processed. 
  • Once you have edited your fields select Save. Review the item information you entered in step 2. Move your cursor in the upper right corner of the form field and select Edit to make any corrections needed. 
  • Continue with the process for completing a form. See the Forms training video for further instructions if needed. 
  • Select View site to see the E-commerce field on the Form you created. In this example, the Form was added as a Main Menu item. 

When a customer uses the E-commerce form, the transaction will go to PayPal. After they have made a purchase, an email will be sent to you requesting that you visit your PayPal account and verify the purchase. These responses will go to the email entered in the Email Notifications section when you created your form.